Discord In Harmony
A tale of love, duplicity, duty, deceit, and yes, discord and harmony
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Author Interview

Here are a few of the questions that I've been asked most frequently by readers:

Question 1: How did you come up with the idea for "Discord In Harmony"?
Answer 1: My Father actually suggested to me the idea of a kleptomaniac musician living in a small town. I don't think the result was exactly what he had in mind but I think he would still be pleased.

Question 2: Your characters are so well drawn. Is the character of Sheriff Haley based on someone you know?
Answer 2: To be honest, I guess Cletus Haley is really based on my idea of what constitutes a decent honorable man, the kind of man I would admire and like to know. If I've drawn his portrait from anyone, I guess it would be from Harper Lee's Atticus Finch in "To Kill A Mockingbird" or the character of Jim McKay in the movie "The Big Country" based on the 1958 novel by David Hamilton. (Funny, both of those characters were portrayed by Gregory Peck in the movies!)

Question 3: Even though the characters and story are fiction, there is a lot of historical detail in the book. Did you have to do much research?
Answer 3: Yes. Being a post-WWII baby, I didn't have firsthand knowledge of the Depression era so for nine months I researched U.S. history during the years of the Depression, California history (both pre- and post- entry into the Union) and the cultural history of the day. Since I was also outlining the book at the time, I'd make note of things that would come up that I needed to find out about. For example, were there commercial refrigerated trucks in 1937? What was the California highway system like at that time? How many high schools were there in San Luis Obispo County in 1937? Even things that might seem insignificant could affect the believability of the story. I was also aided by some very nice people in different fields of expertise who went out of their way to help me.

Question 4: Since you outlined your story, does that mean you knew the ending as well as all the twists and turns in the story before you started the actual writing?
Answer 4: Not at all. I knew the beginning would be the reader's introduction to the Harmony thief and I knew the ending would be the Harmony thief being caught somehow, but even though the chapters in-between were outlined, it soon became evident that the characters were developing lives of their own and the outline became only a very basic framework.



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